Colombo Phones / SGW

This is the original Colombo home phone for SGW. The objective was to create a distinctive form, comfortable to hold, not too small and not too big. It resulted in a near visually perfect symmetrical format, with two distinct areas capturing the screen on one face, and keypad on the opposite one. Looking closely, there is a slight asymmetry due to the injection-molding tooling direction although this is virtually imperceivable and disguised in subtle differences in the surfaces at the head and chin areas.

We developed the industrial design in tandem with a new internal architecture by the SGW engineers in China offering creative tooling advice to enable the engineers to overcome the challenging aspects of designing the tooling to maintain the design intent. 
3D data I produced at various stages was used to make early mock-ups and appearance models and the final production surfaces were issued to the manufacturer.

Material/Process: Plastic, injection molding.

Launched at the 2008 Salone del Mobile and subsequently commercially available through various retailers.

iF Product Design Award, 2009