/ Train seat

Seat design development for a UK train operating company. Working closely with the design team to integrate the concept with the overall interior design & specification and train manufacturer's structural frame and body panels. Creating full-size rigs to inform ergonomics and feed back into the design cycle.

/ Hair care electrical

Realising concepts for personal hair styling products whilst meeting the technical requirements in terms of air flow, heating elements, and materials & manufacturing processes.

/ Personal audio devices

Design refinement and development for in-ear headphones. Working to integrate delicate internal electricals and precise ergonomic requirements with the aesthetic concepts.

/ Restaurant cooking equipment

Exploring new ideas around commercial grade broiler ovens. Realising a number of concepts to work around proven technology of one of the industry's main manufacturer of this equipment.

/ Drinks dispensing

Design development and detailing of drinks dispensing machines for a well-known beverage brand.

/ Drinks bottle

Bottle design refinement for the next-generation of this drink brand. The client used the 3D data to make blow-mold prototype tooling in a short time to feed back into the design cycle with 'real' PET bottle prototypes.

/ Food structural packaging

Realising ground-breaking ideas around food container packaging to work on the existing container filling production line.  Using 3D printing to assist and inform the design process.

/ Home cleaning

3D structural development for cleaning product bottles to meet the need for a different customer sales channel.