Autographer Camera / OMG

Working closely with the team at OMG Life, a part of the Oxford Metrics Group, we helped them achieve their vision of the world's first wearable camera - the Autographer. It would go on to inspire diverse sections of society including people with cognitive impairment and dementia gain back some control of their lives by allowing them to capture moments throughout their day. 

Using their extensive knowledge of motion capture technologies, and working closely with the OMG technical team, we developed a number of form factors and methods of carrying the device. The chosen form, a well proportioned device worn around your neck or clipped to your clothing.

I developed 3D data of a number of concepts through multiple iterations used to make 3D printed prototypes and by the manufacturing partner for production. 

Material/Process: Plastic, injection molding and precision machining.


Date: 2011
Client: OMG Life
Role: Design Development | Rhino 3D Surface Modelling